Answering the important questions

Investment performance and evaluation reporting should answer a number of important questions that can be viewed in two groups:

  • Have the portfolio and Fund met their objectives?
    • What is the investment return?
    • How much risk is there?
    • Has the portfolio been managed within its constraints?
    • Has the portfolio been rewarded for the risk that has been taken?
    • How efficient is the portfolio?
    • Has the portfolio provided value for money?
    • How complimentary are the managers?
  • Is the portfolio being managed as expected?
    • What are the sources of risk and return?
    • Are they consistent with the expected style and process?
    • What are the drivers behind return and risk?
    • Is there anything unexpected influencing the portfolio?

Our range of sophisticated investment portfolio monitoring and analysis services answer all of these questions and more.

If you are unable to, or would like some assistance in answering these questions you should contact us.