All clients are different and require specific reporting solutions.

We have a flexible approach to reporting as we provide a range of analytics and reporting options that are structured to reflect the individual needs of our clients.

Understanding the risk within a portfolio is as important as understanding the return of a portfolio.

Used appropriately return analysis informs us about what has happened, risk analysis can inform clients about what is currently happening, and by combining both risk and return we can gain insights into the efficiency of the portfolio's management.

It is important to analyse both the Fund and its underlying managers equally rigorously.

It is accepted that portfolios are constructed to include significant style and structural biases, however it is also evident that many Total Funds incorporate, sometimes unknowingly, such biases due to the underlying combination of investment managers. Therefore it is essential that these biases are identified, monitored, analysed and evaluated.

Reporting must satisfy the 3 ‘I’s and be informative, interpretable and incisive.

This has resulted in:

  • Our using a range of analytical tools to calculate and attribute the sources of return and risk
  • Our offering a client tailored reporting service. We recognise that no one client is the same and that requirements change over time, therefore we offer a reporting service that is focussed on meeting the individual needs of our clients