A provider of comprehensive and flexible services.

We provide a range of analytical tools and reporting levels that allow for clients to 'mix and match' their requirements for individual portfolios which we can also incorporate within a 'Total Fund' reporting structure. This bespoke approach to both analytics and reporting allows clients to receive a service that both reflects their needs and is cost effective.

Portfolio Evaluation Risk & Return Analysis Service.

This is our core product used by clients to measure the risk and return of their fund, portfolios, benchmarks and objectives. It is typically produced on a quarterly basis, although monthly summary reporting is popular. Analysis includes portfolio return, risk information, detailed risk and return attribution, style, portfolio characteristics, transaction and stock analysis.

Portfolio Evaluation Analytics.

This service provides extended style analysis, trading analysis and scenario analysis.  Scenario analysis is used to evaluate the impact on the overall fund structure of either a replacement or additional manager, or the impact of revising the investment strategy of the fund on its risk and return profile